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Hello and a very warm welcome from me, Michael Lenny founder of ML Photography. Firstly I want to thank you for dropping by and for your interest in what I'm doing here and more importantly what I’m trying to achieve.

My studio is based in Hillingdon, West London and is fully equipped and geared for product photography.
The studio can be completely darkened to control the photography and achieve results required. We have devised a technique called ‘Matting’ where it is used for the most intricate of products, like jewellery and highly reflective items that are notoriously difficult to shoot.
The images are a perfect cut-out therefore can be placed on any background without the risk of looking digitally enhanced and without using any specialist software.
This is no a gimmick. It works so well that we have installed the special lighting into our studio and have trialled it with amazing results.

The images are shot on 50 megapixel cameras allowing a greater cropping ability and wider contrast gamut. Combined with pin sharp lenses ranging from 90mm shift and tilt to macro lenses the results are just what is needed in advertising and e-Commerce photography.


111 Ryefield Avenue, Unit 2, Uxbridge. UB10 9BZ